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12.9-inch iPad Pro sales are hot: orders are now to be shipped in July

Last night,

The 24-inch iMac, iPad Pro, etc. opened pre-orders. According to the information displayed on the official website, the earliest shipment will be on May 21.


as Apple’s most important and most sought-after new product at the new product launch event this spring, iPad Pro is naturally very popular.As of press time, now orders for iPad Pro, especially 12.9-inch, the latest delivery time will even wait until July 8th, the official website of the Bank of China is ready to search, the 12.9-inch 128GB Wi-Fi version will be delivered on July 3rd at the latest goods.

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The reason why the new iPad Pro is so interesting is that it is equipped with an M1 processor, 16GB of memory, a Thunderbolt 4 interface, a proactive upgrade of 12 megapixel , and a 12.9-inch mini LED display.

In fact, the iPad Pro is now in short supply.

In addition to the enthusiastic demand, another important reason is the shortage of components mentioned by Apple at this week’s earnings conference, which is not particularly surprising.

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In addition, most of the 24-inch iMacs that were pre-ordered on the same day can be delivered on the day of their debut.

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12.9-inch iPad Pro sales are hot: orders are now to be shipped in July

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