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27.45 billion U.S Dollars heavy fines!Apple shivering

It is anti-monopoly again.

This time it is not domestic, but Apple. Apple, which has been sued many times in court, is facing a major problem this time. If it loses the lawsuit, this time it will be as high as 27.45 billion U.S Dollars.

According to foreign media reports,

the European Union formally initiated an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. Once the lawsuit is lost, Apple may face a fine of 10% of global revenue. Calculated based on revenue in 2020, the anti-monopoly fine may be as high as US$27.45 billion.

In the first three days, Apple was fined over 906 million rubles (approximately US$12 million) for violating Russia’s anti-monopoly law. All anti-monopoly spearheads have been directed at the “great-profit” Apple App Store.

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Specifically, the EU’s antitrust litigation against Apple mainly focused on the following two points:

1. The Apple App Store stipulates that paid apps must be traded in Apple’s purchase system. 70% of the payment after the user’s payment goes to the app developer, and the remaining 30% goes to Apple in the name of “commission”. For this reason Most app developers can only pass on Apple’s “commission” to users through price increases;

2. In fact,

Apple allows users to purchase music streaming services through other methods, but restricts developers from telling users. Therefore, the European Union suspects that Apple mobile phone and Apple tablet users have purchased music streaming services at high prices.

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According to Margaret Vestag, the head of antitrust at the European Commission, the EU antitrust regulator initiated an antitrust lawsuit against Apple for setting restrictive clauses in its app store. Apple’s restrictive clauses have improved other music. The cost of streaming media application developers has led to unfair competition in the music streaming media service market.

In fact, the above-mentioned antitrust lawsuit started in March 2019.

The audio streaming service platform Spotify “drew 30%” against the Apple App Store and prevented developers from guiding users to subscribe and pay elsewhere, and filed a complaint with the European Union.

In June of that year, the European Commission launched an investigation into the Apple App Store, and it is only now that the European Union has formally filed antitrust charges against Apple.

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Finally, in fact, the payment rules related to the Apple App Store have been controversial. For every payment made by users in the App, Apple will charge App developers 15% to 30%. This makes many developers overwhelmed. Apple The company is facing a large number of litigation disputes.

Now that Apple is facing such a high amount of fines, I believe that some of the commission will be reduced soon. What is your opinion on this?
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27.45 billion U.S Dollars heavy fines!Apple shivering

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