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8-inch QHD+, nano silver touch technology

After the popularization of full screens, what kind of form will smart phones develop next?

IDC is optimistic about the foldable screen exhibition in the top 10 predictions of the Chinese smartphone market in 2021. IDC predicts that in order to meet the increasingly differentiated needs of high-end users, more folding screen products will enter the market one after another, and the market capacity will gradually increase. By 2023, domestic shipments of folding screen products will exceed 1 million units.

At present, represented by

many folding screen mobile phones have been launched. But Apple is the only one who has been silent, and the folding screen iPhone has been spread many times. When will it be released?

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Today, Tianfeng International analyst, Apple broke the news,

Guo Mingchi gave the latest research judgment——Apple is expected to launch a folding screen iPhone in 2023, using an 8-inch QHD+ OLED folding screen, and SDC Samsung Display as the exclusive supplier, using TPK Chenhong’s nano silver touch solution.

It is understood that TPK Chenhong Technology has been developing nano-silver touch technology for more than 10 years, has 200 patents, and has the ability to vertically integrate materials, sensors and modules.

Future folding screen devices need touch technology to support multi-folding (currently folding phones are only single-folding), bendable, medium and large size, and durability. Among these characteristics, nanomaterials have technological advantages.

At present, the touch solution used by HomePod is nano silver.

Although HomePod can use cheaper touch technology, the reason why Apple adopts nano silver is to be familiar with this technology at the lowest cost.

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Public information shows that TPK Chenhong Technology was established in 2003

and is a leader in the touch screen industry. In order to meet the market demand for products such as “flexibility”, “curved surface”, and “super-large size”, Chenhong Technology and Cambrios Tiancai Innovative Materials have been actively developing nano-silver sensing materials and experimenting with their application fields many years ago.

After many repeated experiments,Nano-silver material has excellent characteristics such as high light transmittance, low haze, low resistance value, and bending resistance. It is the best choice to meet the new generation of flexible, curved, large, and touch-sensitive materials.

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Guo Mingchi pointed out in the report that the rapidly growing market for folding screen mobile phones has become a battleground for major mobile phone brands. Folding phones are expected to drive the next super replacement cycle of high-end mobile phones.

In the future, folding devices will blur the product separation between mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Apple, which has product cross-ecological and hardware design advantages, will become the biggest winner of the folding screen trend.

He also predicted that

will release new folding screen phones in 4Q21–1Q22. After 5G, folding mobile phones are the next innovative selling point for high-end mobile phones.

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