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finally equipped with laser headlights

Recently, some media found the shadow of the new BMW X3 from the posters on the Spanish official website. According to the plan, the new car will be mass-produced around July this year, so this suspected official image should have been leaked out in advance.

The mid-term facelift BMW X3 exposed this time only shows the side shape. It can be seen that the new car X3 still continues the sporty luxury style of the BMW family. The side line design has not changed much. The most obvious change is this greenish Car paint and new sports wheels.

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In addition, we can also vaguely see that the mid-term X3 headlights have the iconic blue elements of the laser headlights, which are very similar to the BMW X5, which means that the laser headlights may also become one of the main upgrades of the X3. . However, this configuration may require optional installation.

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its central control large screen and car-machine system is expected to be upgraded. As for whether iD8 system will be used or not, it is still hard to say.

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