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With the release of Huawei Mate X2 and Xiaomi MIX FOLD, the popularity of folding screen mobile phones has risen again, and Samsung, which has the most complete production line of folding screen mobile phones, has naturally attracted much attention.

According to previous news,

Samsung will launch a new generation of Galaxy Z Fold 3 folding screen flagship around July this year. The machine is also expected to be equipped with under-screen camera technology and become the world’s first under-screen proactive flagship model.

This morning, the well-known blogger exposed

the real spy photos of the suspected Galaxy Z Fold 3. It shows that the front of the machine has no openings at all, and the four-frame control is very good, and the front visual effect is very shocking.

According to supply chain news, the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be reduced from 7.6 inches to 7.5 inches, which also brings a corresponding reduction in the body size, so the battery capacity will also be reduced from 4500mAh to 4380mAh, and the lithium battery will be manufactured by Samsung SDI.


although the battery of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 has been reduced,But thanks to the blessing of the LTPO screen, the machine can realize the intelligent adjustment function of the refresh rate of 1-120Hz,In daily use, it can greatly reduce the power consumption of the screen, thereby optimizing the endurance performance of the whole machine.

It is worth mentioning that there have been reports

that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be equipped with a new generation of UTG glass technology, which can bring higher durability and flatness, and the thickness of the glass has been improved, and the Mohs hardness can reach 5. Level, can easily deal with S Pen writing.

Thanks to this,Samsung will also introduce the iconic S Pen stylus of the Note series for the first time for folding screen models.And different from the previous peripheral solutions of the S21 series, this time Samsung built the S Pen directly into the body of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is easy to carry.

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