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Huawei P50 prototype exposed? ring camera never seen before,

On the evening of April 8th, an anonymous source revealed the real prototype of the Huawei P50.

Although it can be said to be completely different from the circulated renderings, considering that the prototype usually carries the mission of confidentiality, the ID is usually different from the mass production machine.

Specifically, the front of the machine is still a four-curved waterfall screen with double holes in the upper left corner, supporting screen fingerprint recognition, and the red power button on the right.

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The back is even more fascinating. The circular camera module is placed on the upper left side. It doesn’t care about the symmetrical beauty at all. There seem to be four cameras inside.

Some people think that this is a fake PS image grafted from the Mate 30. After all, the machine also does not have a physical volume button, but there are also opinions that Huawei just doesn’t want to expose the form of the mass production machine after the prototype comes out.

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Previous renderings have shown that the Huawei P50 series has abandoned the previous pill-type dual-hole display, using a centered single-hole straight screen/curved screen solution, and the back is arranged with double circular cameras on the upper and lower sides, similar to the Nova 8.

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