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invite iPhone owners to try Meizu 18 for free

Not long ago, Meizu launched an “iPhone for 18” trade-in event. During the event, consumers can enjoy a special subsidy of up to 599 U.S Dollars  for the iPhone trade-in.

At the same time, they can also receive POP2s true wireless headsets and 12 interest-free periods. .

Once the event was launched, it received unanimous praise from iPhone users. It is understood that an old iPhone 11 can be discounted up to 799 U.S Dollars , and even an “antique” iPhone 7 Plus can be discounted up to 249 U.S Dollars .

A few days ago, Meizu Technology announced that it sincerely invites iPhone users to feel the safe and pure Meizu 18 small screen full-blooded flagship for 0 yuan.

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Meizu said

that if you are an iPhone user and have a unique preference for small-screen flagships, and at the same time pay great attention to personal privacy and security, participate in the 0 yuan trial activity, and look forward to bringing you a light security experience.

It is understood that the recruitment requirements are iPhone users who have never used Meizu mobile phones, have a unique preference for small-screen flagship mobile phones, and pay more attention to personal privacy and security.

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In this regard, some netizens said, “Is it too late to change the iPhone?”

It is worth mentioning that Meizu officially released a special data recently. The data shows that 45% of new users who purchase Meizu 18 are from Apple users.

This time, the Meizu 18 series is equipped with powerful hardware as standard, and its Flyme 9 system is also well received.

It comes with 0 advertisements, 0 pre-installed third-party apps, and 0 operation pushes, which are officially called “Three Zero Mobile”.

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In addition, Meizu 18 has also launched a number of functions for user privacy protection, including four major equipment: all-seeing eagle eye, guardian scepter, invisible boots,

and privacy cloak, which can completely transparentize each mobile phone APP and make every move. All are under the control of users to better protect user privacy.

It is reported that the stable version of Flyme 9 will be pushed for users in May.

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