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New renderings of Xiaomi MIX4 exposed. Netizens: This is the MIX in my mind

A few days ago, Xiaomi released the long-lost new MIX series-Xiaomi MIX Fold folding screen mobile phone, the first liquid lens and surging C1 professional imaging chip.

What I pay attention to is,In addition to this folding screen phone, Xiaomi may also have a new MIX series next, equipped with an under-screen camera to achieve a true and full screen.

Mi MIX new machine rendering

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The next new product of the MIX series is likely to be the long-awaited Mi MIX4, a conventional candy bar phone equipped with under-screen camera technology.

Due to technological advancement, the screen window effect of the under-screen camera technology has been significantly alleviated, and a full-screen experience with a frontal complete and good look and feel can be realized.

On April 10, the rendering of the new Xiaomi Mi MIX machine was exposed on the Internet.

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Why? Apple released a new beta version of iOS 14.6:

It can be seen that relying on the under-screen camera technology and the narrow border around it, the full-screen effect is very extreme.

In addition, the fuselage lines are more rigid and square than the current Xiaomi Mi 11 series, but to a certain extent, it strengthens the visual shock brought by the full screen.

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Why does Apple, which have a market value of more than $2 trillion, never release concept products?

Although Xiaomi has not announced the new MIX machine, only from the perspective of the renderings, at least in terms of the full-screen effect, it has already met the expectations of fans for the new Xiaomi MIX product.

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New renderings of Xiaomi MIX4 exposed. Netizens: This is the MIX in my mind

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