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No perforation on the front!Lenovo savior gaming phone 2 Pro

A few days ago, Lenovo held the “Coldest in History” new machine conference,Released the rescuer gaming mobile phone 2 Pro, the price starts at 599 US dollars.

We Kuai Technology has already got this new machine, the following is a picture reward for everyone.

The rescuer gaming phone 2 Pro is equipped with a 6.92-inch Samsung custom OLED screen, E4 luminescent material,

supports 144Hz refresh rate, 720Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate, as well as global DC dimming and HDR10+ certification.

The Savior Gaming Phone 2 Pro adopts the original “ATA2.0 center architecture”, with a front 44MP pop-up lens on the right side, which makes the front completely non-perforated.

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It is also the world’s first and only dual X-axis linear motor mobile phone, The vibration direction remains the same as the shoulder button, which claims to bring feedback and feel comparable to physical buttons.

At the same time, the core heat sources such as the processor and memory are placed in the middle of the phone, so as to improve the problem of heat on both sides of the phone during horizontal screen games.

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Liquid cooling system,

New machinesBuilt-in double turbofan supercharged liquid cooling system, equipped with two high-speed fans, and adopts super VC liquid cooling for heat dissipation, pure copper airtight T-shaped duct and 14 sets of AI intelligent temperature control system.

In terms of core performance, the machine is equipped with the Snapdragon 888+LPDDR5+UFS 3.1 performance iron triangle combination, with a running score of up to 855,000 points.The built-in 5500mAh large capacity battery supports 90W super fast charge, which can charge up to 82% in 17 minutes.

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In terms of price, the new machine offers five storage versions: 8+128GB, 12+128GB, 12+256GB, 16+512GB, and 18+512GB, priced at 549 US dollars , 629US dollars, 669US dollars,812US dollars, and 899US dollars, respectively.

The first pop-up Snapdragon 888 flagship Lenovo Savior 2 Pro released: eight fingers operate at the same time

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