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small bangs and side fingerprints

“IPhone 13” was sold in advance by domestic manufacturers: small bangs and side fingerprints are only sold for 99 U.S Dollars!

According to previous news,

Apple will hold an autumn new product launch conference as scheduled in September this year. One of the protagonists of this conference is the long-awaited new iPhone 13 series.

With the end of the spring conference,

There are more and more news about the iPhone 13, and the design of the phone has been basically determined.

According to netizens,Recently, a domestic mobile phone manufacturer released the “iPhone 13” in advance.Its appearance design is exactly the same as the recent news about iPhone 13, and it is even one step closer in some functions and configurations.

The appearance of the KOBI X60 Pro is exactly the same as the iPhone 13 rumors

From the official picture,The front of this model called Cooper X60 Pro uses a small notch screen, which is a small notch screen that Apple has not achieved in four years.It brings a larger screen-to-body ratio than the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the surrounding border is extremely narrow, and the screen-to-body ratio is very high.

The body still continues the square right-angle frame design of the iPhone 12 series.But it is equipped with an “extremely advanced” 3.5mm independent headphone jack on the top of the fuselage.Can listen to music while charging, saving money for buying wireless headphones.

At the same time, the Cooper X60 Pro also integrates fingerprint recognition in the power button on the right side of the fuselage, which can be combined with facial recognition to instantly unlock it anytime and anywhere, avoiding the embarrassing scene of wearing a mask that cannot be unlocked.

KOBI X60 Pro supports side fingerprint recognition

As for the back design, the Kobe X60 Pro is also very similar to the rumored iPhone 13 solution. It still inherits the three-camera solution in the upper left corner of the iPhone 12 series, but it should be noted that this Cooper X60 Pro has only one of the three-cameras. The stars are real, equipped with a 21 megapixel  sensor, and the rest are decorations.

In terms of configuration,Kobe X60 Pro is equipped with MTK flagship 8-core processor, and is equipped with 6GB/8GB memory specifications, which completely crushes the memory configuration of iPhone 12.

the most important is,The pre-released “iPhone 13” starts at only 599 yuan,Compared with the iPhone 13, this price can be said to be very competitive. Are you excited?

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