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The appearance has finally changed! The latest CAD model of iPhone 13 is exposed: the rear camera is arranged diagonally

CAD model of iPhone 13:

Recently, there has been an endless stream of news about Apple’s new-generation flagship mobile phone iPhone 13 series. According to the current news, the series will debut as scheduled at the autumn new product launch conference in September.

CAD model of iPhone 13

Early this morning, it was reported that a well-known overseas whistleblower brought a rendering of the CAD model of the iPhone 13, which showed the latest appearance of the phone.

From the picture point of view, the iPhone 13 body will continue the right-angle frame design of the previous generation, but the rear camera part has brought huge changes. Apple changed the original vertical dual-camera to a diagonal arrangement.

Although this new design scheme will make the whole camera module appear more symmetrical from the camera module, it will always make people feel a little uncoordinated when it is placed on the back of the phone, and it is difficult to define the iPhone 13 Is the back shot more beautiful or uglier?

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the changes in the rear camera module, there have been many sources confirming that the front of the iPhone 13 series has finally changed. It will use a hidden earpiece, thereby leaving more area for the Face ID component. Therefore, this series will become Apple’s first “little bangs” iPhone.

In addition to the appearance, the whistleblower also revealed that the body thickness of the iPhone 13 is slightly larger than that of the current iPhone 12 series, which also corresponds to the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 series that was recently exposed to the Internet. Apple has upgraded all new models. With a 10% battery capacity and a new generation of 5nm chips, the ultimate endurance level is expected to bring a substantial upgrade.

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