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The world’s first 6nm EUV, Unigroup Zhanrui 5G chip, Huben T7520, goes on sale 3 months ahead of schedule

in 5GOn the chip, in addition to Qualcomm, MediaTek, and Samsung, domestic manufacturers now have another choice-the tiger of Ziguang ZhanruiT7520, This chip will advance3Months listed.

According to reports,

Ziguang Zhanrui5GChip Tiger Ben T7520Already at2021year1QuarterlyFull MaskReturning the film will be earlier than planned3Months listed.

In addition, Zhan Rui’s first5GNestingT7510Sales broke one million sets in half a year, and the number of commercial terminal products has exceeded50paragraph.

Tiger BenT7520Is based on5GPlatform Makalu2.0Developed5G SoCprocessor,2020year2month26It was officially released on Japan and has been recognized by many manufacturers.

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Tiger BenT7520World premiere6nm EUVProcess manufacturing, with the blessing of multi-layer extreme ultraviolet lithography technology,

The process light source wavelength is shortened to13.5nm, Close toXThe precision of the ray, which brings a very high lithography resolution, cost, performance, and power consumption are more balanced, compared with the first

generation7nmIncreased transistor density18%, Chip power consumption can be reduced8%.

Tiger BenT7520Also known asThe world’s first full-scene coverage enhancement5GBaseband,stand by6GHzThe following frequency bands,NSA/SADual module network,2Gto5GSeven-mode full Netcom,

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dual card dual5G,EPSFall back,VoNRAdvanced standards and technologies such as high-definition voice and video calls,SAThe peak rate of downlink mode can exceed3.25Gbps, Upload is up1.25Gbps.

At the same time, it also supports5G NR TDD+FDDCarrier aggregation(Average downlink peak rate increase30%),3.5GHz+2.1GHzUplink and downlink decoupling of frequency band(Increased coverage radius100%),3.5+2.1GHzSuper uplink(Near-point peak rate

increase60%),5GSuper launch, etc., can solve the enhancedVR,4K/8KServices such as ultra-high-definition video live broadcasts require greater uplink bandwidth.

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In terms of performance,

Hu BenT7520Integrated eightCPUCore, including fourA76, FourA55, Integrate four at the same timeMali-G57 GPUGraphics core, memory support2×16-bit LPDDR4X 2133MHz, Storage supportseMMC 5.1,UFS 3.0.

At the same time, it also has a new generation of low-power design architecture, based onAIIntelligent adjustment technology, plusSoCMulti-mode fusion,6nm EUVUnified, compared to plug-in5GThe energy efficiency of the solution wins, and the power consumption is reduced by as much as in some data business scenarios35%.

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