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This is exactly the beach of the earth

Earlier, NASA released a picture taken by the Perseverance Mars roverMars “Rainbow” photo, Sparked a heated discussion among netizens. Now, NASA has once again released a rare photo of Mars.

According to foreign media reports,

a few days ago,To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the successful launch of the Mars Odyssey probe, NASA released a rare photo of Mars taken by the probe.

According to NASA,

the photo was taken by the thermal imager of the “Mars Odyssey” probe between December 2002 and November 2004.

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The location of the photo is at the north pole of Mars, at 80.3 degrees north latitude and 172.1 degrees east longitude, showing an area of ​​19 miles (about 31 kilometers).

Of course, since the photo taken by the thermal imager has no color, the photo is not the original appearance taken by the probe, but is synthesized by NASA through a set of photos.

Through the algorithm,

the colors in the photo show the different temperatures of Mars.In the photo, the sand dunes have higher temperatures and are given yellow and orange hues, while the colder areas are blue.

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However, many netizens said that this photo is too beautiful and looks exactly like a beach on the earth.

It is understood that the “Mars Odyssey” probe is a probe reserved in NASA’s “Mars Surveyor 2001 Program.” The plan initially included two missions to launch the orbiter and the lander respectively.

NASA later cancelled the Mars landing mission in 2001 and only retained the orbiter mission.

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The mission objective,

is to conduct detailed mineralogical exploration and research on the surface of Mars, to obtain data on the climate and geological characteristics of Mars; to detect the radioactive environment on the surface of Mars, to study the radiation environment of Mars that may pose a potential threat to astronauts;

to provide medium for subsequent Mars exploration missions Following the service.

Picture from NASA official website

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