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Video: How safe are Volvo cars?VP in-car test: Seven-car stacking Luohan

Volvo vehicles have always been known for safety,

Even if you are not a Volvo car owner, you know that Volvo vehicles have always been known for safety, especially as the inventor of the car’s “three-point seat belt”. With this honor alone, Volvo is enough to make a name in the automotive industry.

Today, Volvo has been under the revenue of my country’s Geely Automobiles, but Geely has not intervened in Volvo’s manufacturing and operations. It can be said that Volvo today is still as safe and reliable as it was before the acquisition by Geely.

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Of course,

Volvo’s president is also quite confident about the safety of his own models, such as personally testing Volvo’s roof load-bearing experiments.

The video showed that a Volvo SUV was placed on the ground, while Yuan Xiaolin, Senior Vice President of Volvo Car Group, Asia Pacific President and CEO, got directly into the car and made a video call with Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Group. Both Witness this thrilling moment together.

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Watch the video here

As Yuan Xiaolin entered the car and closed the door, the crane began to stack the cars layer by layer on the roof. In the end, which car Yuan Xiaolin got in the bottom car had a total of 6 stacked on the roof. A car, and the roof has not undergone significant deformation, and the load-bearing performance of the roof of the vehicle is exceptionally excellent.

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If calculated by the curb weight of the XC60 above the video car, the weight of a car is 1859kg, then 6 cars are 11154kg, which is equivalent to 11.15 tons. Compared with models of the same class, Volvo’s roof bearing capacity is nothing. Doubt.

So the question is, if you plan to buy a Volvo model, do you like its safety, luxury brand, or high cost performance?
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Video: How safe are Volvo cars?VP in-car test: Seven-car stacking Luohan

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