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Volkswagen GTX

Everything can be GTX.

Volkswagen’s ID.5, ID.4, and even ID.3 electric vehicles have corresponding GTX performance versions. Among them, ID.3 GTX has not been officially announced, and it was once reported that the public intended to name it ID.3 R. Considering Uyang Uyang’s golf R-line, golf GTI, and high R on the market, the intention to touch porcelain is self-evident.

The standard ID.3 is equipped with a rear axle motor, and the power output is 204 horsepower which is the same as the power unit of its brother ID.4.

ID.4 GTX adds a front axle motor,

and the drive mode can be automatically switched between rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive mode. The combined output of dual motors is 295 horsepower, and the 100% result has been improved from 8.5 seconds to 6.2 seconds. As the battery capacity has not changed, the ID.4 GTX’s cruising range has been reduced from 520 kilometers to 480 kilometers (WLTP).

ID.4 GTX comes standard with matrix headlights and three-dimensional 3D taillights. The vertical three-point fog lights on the front face are unique to the GTX model.


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ID.4 GTX upgrades the wheel hub to 20 inches,

and can also optionally install 21 inches. Other optional configurations include steering wheel heating and 30-color ambient light, a head-up display with augmented reality function, and an upgrade from a 10-inch car screen to a 12-inch option.




It is still unclear how Volkswagen plans to design the performance version of ID.3.

If the ID.4 GTX solution is compared, whether its petite body can plug the front axle power unit remains to be studied.

In addition, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SCE) has noticed Volkswagen’s name change and has requested Volkswagen North America to provide relevant information.

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Before April Fool’s Day, Volkswagen “accidentally” leaked a press release,

announcing that the company’s name was changed from Volkswagen to Volkswagen. This public relations farce not only misled many industry media, but also affected the company’s stock price-before the public issued a statement to clarify the name change, the company’s share price climbed 12.5%.

SCE will investigate the relationship between farce and stock price fluctuations and draw conclusions. This is after the emission gate, Volkswagen has once again incurred an investigation by US regulators.

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Volkswagen GTX

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