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Xiaopeng P5 preview: the world’s first mass-produced LiDAR smart car

Following the G3 and P7, Xiaopeng Motors will usher in a brand new model-Xiaopeng P5.

Latest preview,

Recently, Xiaopeng Motors released the latest preview of the new model P5. The new car will be the first mass-produced LiDAR smart car, which will be officially unveiled on April 14.

It is reported that the new car will be positioned lower than the existing Xiaopeng P7. It is a pure electric compact car. It is expected to be put into production in October and will be officially launched at the end of the year.

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Judging from the preview picture, from the actual car picture, the Xiaopeng P5 follows the slip-back design of the Xiaopeng P7, with an integrated duck tail above the tail box, giving it a coupe color. In addition, the new car uses the popular through-type taillight design.

Xiaopeng P5 will be the first mass-produced model equipped with lidar. It can also be seen in the official trailer that the new car’s front bumper is equipped with lidar devices on both sides.

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The car-grade lidar carried by the P5 is customized by Livox. Technically, it can use three-position laser scanning to generate a point cloud to create a 3D map and allow the NGP function to be used in the city.

At the same time, compared to the combination of millimeter wave radar + camera, lidar has better performance in high-speed static object recognition and low-light environments.

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According to existing information, Xiaopeng P5 will be a brand new model positioned below P7 and above G3. The biggest highlight of the car is that it is equipped with a very rare lidar. As for other information, you will have to wait until the auto show. The official release can only be known, let us look forward to it together.


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Xiaopeng P5 preview: the world’s first mass-produced LiDAR smart car

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